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Welcome to Francis Brenton's website


"One of the truly greats: Francis Brenton capped his legendary career with a round-trip tour of the Atlantic abroad a dugour canoe" - From "A Speck on the Sea - Epic Voyages in the Most Improbable Vessels" by William H. Longyard


Francis Brenton was born in January 14th 1927 in Liverpool England, "... the youngest offspring of a hardworking family of four sons and four daughters".

He served with the British Army in India, Burma and Malaya during the second world war and, always interested in what lay over the horizon, he traveled extensively in Australia, New Zealand, the South Seas, the Far East, North and South America and Europe before he decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean single handed. He did it more than once and wrote two books about his crossings: "Long Sail to Haiti" - 1965, and "The Voyage of the Sierra Sagrada; across the Atlantic in a canoe" – 1969.

We need to remember people like Francis Brenton not only for their dreams and ideals, but for the determination and the hard work they put into their ventures.

Frank thought of himself as being "a rebel against the society" because his background had prepared him to work in an office or a factory, instead he chose the life of an adventurer and a traveler. In today's world might have worked for the National Geographic, but he financed his own journeys and live rather poor and unknown. We hope to do him justice and publicize his adventures because we believe his life was truly extraordinary. He pushed himself to the very limits of what a single man can do.

"Most navigators have a theory to prove or a mission to accomplish when they make their deep-sea trips. But I was just crossing for the heck of the thing. Ever I was a bare-kneed kid I have loved to go in search of new places. A few months before I'd had the urge to savour the life of a free sailor, without any bonds or obligations, to sail where I wanted, when I wanted - and now I wanted to cross the Atlantic" (Francis Brenton - "Long sail to Haiti")


"An unexpected breeze came down from the mountain slopes, the sails billowed out, and a quiver ran through the craft as it responded. I pointed the bow towards the harbour entrance, and fairly bounced over the oily, calm waters. My emotions took over, and I let out a warhoop. It seemed sacrilegious on such a quiet and peaceful day, but that is how I felt. I was a rebel against society. My background had prepared me to work in an office or a factory, but something inside me had rebelled. It was as though thongs had brocken loose from my chest and I was free again" (Francis Brenton - "Long sail to Haiti")

This website is the product of a seemingly unlikely collaboration between two men, one in Chicago USA and one in Stockholm Sweden.Our partnership to remember Francis is in a true Francis Brenton spirit .. accross the ocean. We hope you will enjoy reading about Francis's life and adventures and please don't hesitate to contact us with questions and/or any informations you may have about him.